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Interactive Desktop Alerter


Keep up to date with any shouts the retained firefighters at Aberdyfi Fire Station receive.

Click on the alerter message to be taken to our incidents page. You'll get more details about it from there.

After each shout we update our incident database which automatically updates your desktop alerter... Clever stuff, eh?

Just follow these instructions to install the Aberdyfi Desktop Alerter on your PC desktop. There is absolutely no charge for using this feature. We're just happy that you marvel at the technological wizardry that brings you this stonkingly brilliant feature...

If your PC has Windows XP installed, try this:
1.Right click on your PC's desktop
2.Select Properties - usually the last choice in the pop up menu. A box appears called Display Properties
3.Select the Desktop tab
4.Click on Customize Desktop button - that's a left click on the button towards the bottom left of this box
5.Another box appears, called Desktop Items - select the Web tab
6.Now select the New... button
7.Type in this web address - - and then click OK
8.Yet another box appears called Add item to active desktop - click on the OK button
9.To finish... Close all the open boxes by clicking their OK buttons

The Aberdyfi Desktop Alerter should now be visible on your PC desktop. You can position it to suit your desktop by dragging and dropping the alerter window elsewhere on your desktop.

You may find that the alerter window covers the whole of your desktop, which isn't the effect we're after. To make the alerter window smaller move your mouse over the top part of your screen. A menu bar should be displayed which will allow you to resize the alerter window.

Vista Users
The pager can be added to your "Gadgets" bar, utilising a third party gadget.
Step 1. Right-click the gadget bar
Step 2. Search and Download the "Eye on the web" gadget
Step 3. Right Click the gadget, and select "Options"
Step 4. Select "Custom" from the list of websites
Step 5. Type in ""
Step 6. Drag and drop the pink square over the pager area in the sample box
Step 7. Press OK

Please note that the Vista version is currently more basic than the XP version.

There is no guarantee with the Aberdyfi Desktop Alerter, implicit or implied and we do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by adding this feature to your PC desktop.