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Thought About Joining?

Retained firefighters are part-time posts, involving attendance at training courses, a weekly three-hour training session and responding to calls, as and when required. In return, You will be paid a retaining fee and payment for each call or training session you attend. To be considered as a retained firefighter, you must be fit and healthy, over 18 years old and have reasonable eyesight (some correction is acceptable). Most importantly you need to live or work within four minutes of Aberdyfi fire station. We particularly need people who can respond to calls during the day although 100% availability would be perfect.

More Information?



Videos used are 'for example' only and have no connection with North Wales Fire And Rescue Service.

If you would like more information please feel free to visit the crew at Aberdyfi Fire Station on a Thursday evening between 18:30 and 21:30 and they will answer any questions you may have or alternatively you can call the recruitment office for South Gwynedd on 01766 515 418.

A Day In The Life Of...


A day in the life of a retained firefighter. So what is life like for a retained firefighter? Well everyday is different, retained actually means that we get paid a retainer to be on call so unlike so many people think we aren’t voluntary we do get paid. Pay works like this, we get a retainer which is paid monthly and then get paid for every drill night we attend, every shout we attend and then get paid a hourly rate whilst out on a shout. What does this mean? well it means that being on call we are available to attend a shout when our alerters go off. So we need to get to the fire station within 4 minutes. So whilst being on call you have to think about certain things like, quickest way to station, wife cant leave me with the children whilst she goes up to the shop quickly, cover if you are at work, if you go for a run can you stil get to the station on time and various other things.

A Random Day


02/03/09 I go to bed at about 22.30 I make a habit of leaving a pair of trousers and a T-shirt next to the bed and keep my alerter on bedside table. It was a restless night as my eldest had a cold and wasn’t sleeping very well so I had to get up a number of times to make sure he was alright. Then 03.13 the alerter goes off and I get my clothes on and negotiate 2 stair gates in the dark. I turn the hall light on, put on my shoes and a jacket, open the front door, close the front door, jump on my scooter and head off to the station. The village is only small so i get to the station pretty quick. Previous to me becoming a retained firefighter I did look at the quickest and easiest way for me to get to the station and a scooter was the best idea. So arriving at the station the turn out mobilises us to reports of a person falling quay side at a boat yard about 2 miles out of the village. I wait for the rest of the crew to turn in and with a minimum of 4 we can get going. We arrive just minutes behind the ambulance who have already located the casualty, we assist them with lifting the person into the ambulance and await the Police to attend so we can leave the scene. Arrive back home at 05:30. So being a retained firefighter leaves you never knowing what to expect never knowing when you will get a call or when you will be back sometimes it does take up alot of your time but the rewards are worth it.