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The Station

Aberdyfi Fire Station


The village of Aberdyfi has been fortunate enough to have had a Fire service serving the community for over 110 years now.
The station has been located in Three separate locations during those years. The first station was a small shed which was located at the site of what is now the Village Primary School. Back in the day there stood a hotel called the Corbett Hotel which had approximately 65 rooms and at the rear of that was the grounds of the fire station, it housed 1 fire engine to begin with and then during the war became the area control and was given another. Unfortunatly the Corbett Hotel was involved in a fire in the late 1880's and was completely destroyed. Although the fire service were on site extremely quickly there was nothing that could be done. Then the fire station was located in Dyfi Yard which is situated just 100 yards up Copperhill Street. This was the site of a Haulage Company and there was room to use and store the fire engine there at the time.
In 1967 the new fire station opened and it still stands there today, the only change that has been made to the building is the filling in of the windows in the pump bay.

Community spirit


Back in 1999 Aberdyfi Fire Station celebrated becoming the first centenary fire station in Wales. The 100 years celebrations were full of event as the station opened its doors to hundreds of visitors. There were firefighting drills, fire engines old and new, presentations of plaques, and a brass bell which still stands proud in the station today. the night was rounded off with an amazing 30 minute fireworks display.

Memorable Incidents


The station has had a number of memorable incidents over its great history, here are a few from recent years to look back on:

1991- The station was called to a boat fire out in the Dyfi estuary, the crew had to commandere another boat to transport two firefighters and the equipment to the scene. The fire was extinguished and the boat was towed back to the harbour by the RNLI Lifeboat.
1993- Firefighters from the station was called to assist a Dolphin that had washed up onto the beach in Aberdyfi. The crew used a tarpaulin to lift the dolphin and doused him with water as they transported him back to the estuary where they lowered him back into the water.
1995-The Aberdyfi crew were called to Aberdyfi Golf Club at 4am in a fire that saw 6 pumps, some from as far as Barmouth. Restricted access to water, a cylinder in the loft and the wooden construction of the building meant that crews were there for over 12 hours, Sadly the Club house was burnt to the ground.
1997- Firefighters were called to a forestry fire which stretched for over 100 acres around Bontddu and Barmouth. At its height over 75 firefighters and 12 fire engines fought the blaze which burnt for nearly 21 hours.
1998- The Aberdyfi appliance was called as the 17th pump to the University student halls of residence on Aberystwyth promenade. The halls were completely destroyed in the incident leaving 108 students in need of re-housing and with little more than the clothes they stood in.
1999- Aberdyfi were called as 1 of 4 fire engines to the Beacon Tyre Garage in Tywyn. 25 firefighters fought the blaze in which 3 vehicles were lost and the building was completely ruined.
2000- Aberdyfi were again in a 4 pump fire on the mountain side above Aberdyfi, The fire started after workmen clearing branches from trees caught an electricity pylon and set fire to the bracken.
2003- The firefighters form Aberdyfi were called to the chip shop on the high street in Tywyn along with Tywyn and Machynlleth, the shop was closed at the time and a tumble dryer was found to be the cause, the shop was completely destroyed and remained closed for the rest of the summer holidays.
2006- The crew from Aberdyfi were called out to a fire on the mountain side above the village which had started after a gardener left a bonfire unattended, during a hot spell over the easter weekend it burned up the hillside and the crew were called to the scene because of re-ignition 9 times over 7 days.
2008-Aberdyfi were called to make up pumps to a barn fire in Llanegryn along with Tywyn and followed later by The Pinzgauer all terrain appliance from Barmouth. The fire ignited in the hay bails which had been delivered to the farm just hours earlier, they burned for 6 hours and water was pumped from the river in the village up to the incident.
2009-Aberdyfi and Tywyn were called to a fire at Walkers Fish And Chip Shop in Aberdyfi on Easter Sunday to tackle a fire that had broken out in the frier vent beheath the unit. On arrival the fire had travelled up the extraction flue and was visable from the top of the building some 3 stories up, but due to the location of the shop and station the fire was dealt with before any real damage was done.
2010-Aberdyfi were called as the third appliance to a house fire in Corris on 4th December at 00:15, Heavy snow and ice had covered the area for the last week and driving conditions made the journey trecherous, as we arrived at the scene Dolgellau and Machynlleth were in attendance at what was a terraced house, Electrical fault had been named as the ignition of the fire, 1 woman and 3 children were out of the house on arrival, we spent 5 hours at the scene firefighting and trying to salvage what we could.
2011-Aberdyfi recieved a call at 00:31 on Saturday 30th July to assist the police and ambulance in lighting the scene of a fatal RTC involving a car and a cyclist, we were on scene for 6 hours in total assisting the police and ambulance in any way we could, this is a memorable shout due to the sad aspects of the incident and was the stations first involvement in a fatal shout for some 18 years.

Fire Engine EFF 317D

open night 062.jpg

The Bedford Angus fire engine spent its whole operational life on Aberdyfi Fire Station from 1974-1988. It was built and arrived in Aberdyfi straight from the manufacturing line. Pictures of the appliance in the factory car park awaiting collection are available to view on the Photo Album section of this site.

In 2008 it was seen for sale on Ebay for just £2950.

Next Door Neighbours North


Tywyn Fire Station is our closest neighbour, call sign WN21 they are 4 miles down the A493 and respond to approximately 30 - 40 calls per year.
Crewing Details: Retained crew of 1 Watch Manager and 3 Firefighters. The station has 1 Fire engine which is the same model as ours. They had previously housed a L4P Land Rover Fire Engine but that was never replaced after they became decomissioned.
The Station cover as far as Talyllyn where they meet Dolgellau and Fairbourne where they meet again aswell as covering the smaller villages within that area such as Abergynolwyn, Llanegryn, LLwyngwril, Bryncrug and more.
With the original station at Cadfan Wells, the present Tywyn fire station was built in 1961 and part of the Merionithshire Fire Service until becoming part of the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service in 1996.

Next Door Neighbours South


Our closest neighbours south are Machynlleth fire station, they are part of Mid & West Wales Fire Service.
The have a crew of 9 firefighters and 3 officers.
All crew members are retained and they run 2 fire Engines from the station and respond to approximately 90-100 calls per year.
They have a very large geographical area to cover which ranges from Corris And Pennal down to Aberystwyth and as far out as LLanidloes, Dinas Mawddwy and Carno.